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December 2020: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we were unable to host our beloved Gold Star Families at the annual Christmas dinner at Soldier Field. Instead, we sent them each a Godiva Chocolate tower. As you can see, with the help of our supporters, we put smiles on a lot of worthy faces!

25 NOV 2020: Officer Blair Farmer was presented a quilt by Lieutenant William Bradley of the 6th District on behalf of Quilts for Cops. Quilts for Cops is a nationwide organization that has a team of volunteers who individually hand makes quilts for police officers who were injured in the performance of their duties.

On 28 August 2020 Officer Farmer and his partner Officer Alex Edwards were injured in an auto accident at the intersection of 8300 S Rhodes as they were responding to a call.  

15 NOV 2020: Queen of Martyrs Parish at 103rd and Central Park hosted a Blue Mass honoring and praying for first responders. Here you'll see the CPD Honor Guard and the Pipes and Drums of the Emerald Society made the Mass all the more meaningful...thank you to all!

11 NOV 2020: (Top Photo) Chaplains Joe Jackson (L) and Hysni Selenica present a quilt made by QUILTS FOR COPS to CPD Officer Jason Cloherty, who was injured a few months ago in the line of duty. On 30 JUL 2020, an offender armed with a handgun shot at several police officers just outside the 025th district station. Officer Cloherty was hit in the neck and abdomen. By the grace of God, all officers involved in the shooting are recovering well.
Oct. 27, 2020: On behalf of Quilts for Cops Sgt. Kevin Gleeson along with Chaplain Joseph Jackson and Chaplain Hysni Selenica presented a quilt to Officer Cecilia Cline and Officer Tyrone Ortegon.

On 17 July 2020 Officer Cline and Officer Ortegon while on duty were guarding the Columbus statute in Grandt Park, when several protesters and rioters charged at them and throwing several different types of objects at all the officers. This incident caused many injuries to several officers including Officer Cline and Officer Ortegon.

24 OCT 2020: Immaculate Conception Parish (Talcott/Harlem) hosts a Blue Mass thanking, honoring and praying for first responders. Those prayers are needed and appreciated more now than ever!
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24 OCT 2020: A group organized by the Fr. Perez Knights of Columbus Council prays the Rosary outside the Hometown Police station. Every Saturday during October this group prays outside a different police station. Thanks for your prayers for our troops!

24 OCT 2020: Chaplain Joe Jackson (third from left) joins friends from The Unity Ministry, who go out regularly to feed Chicago Police Officers in their districts. Today the Englewood Rangers were fed--body and soul!

22 Oct. 2020: Chaplain Hysni Selenica along with Chaplain Joseph Jackson and Chaplain Robert Montelongo presented a quilt on behalf of Quilts for Cops to Officer Angelo Wells Jr. of the 010th District.

On 05 Aug 2020, 0309 hours at the location of 1306 S Lawndale Ave, Officer Angelo Wells Jr. responded to a call of a domestic disturbance when at some point the offender fired several rounds at the responding officers from the building. Officer Wells suffered a gun shot wound to his right leg while in the performance of his duties.

12 OCT 2020: Officer William Skehan was presented a quilt by Commander Maureen Biggane of the 016th District. Chaplain Hysni Selenica presented on behalf of Quilts for Cops, a nationwide origination who has a team of volunteers that hand makes quilts for officers injured in the line of duty.

On 17 July 2020 Officer Skehan was injured while preforming his duties guarding the Columbus statue, when several protesters and rioters threw many different types of objects at the attending officers.
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10 OCT 2020: (L-R) PO Eric Myers and PO Ashley Fantauzzi become the new Mr. & Mrs. Eric Myers with the help of CPD Chaplain Joe Jackson. Congratulations to the happy couple! God grant you a life of happiness together.

10 OCT 2020: A group organized by the Fr. Perez Knights of Columbus Council prays the Rosary outside the 022nd District station. Every Saturday during October this group prays outside a different police station. Thanks for your prayers for our troops!

09 OCT 2020: Vic Shaw, the owner of Norwood Royal Cigars (6046 N. Northwest Hwy in Edison Park) presents a $2,000 check to Police Chaplains Ministry for our work with Gold Star Families.

Are you a cigar fan? Or are you looking for the perfect gift for your cigar-loving friend? You GOTTA check this place out. They have great tobacco at fair prices with friendly, knowledgeable service.

AND they're very good to the police AND Police Chaplains Ministry. Ask for Vic!

Here's their website:

Thank God for folks like Vic!
05 OCT 2020: Commander Wallace of the 002nd District presents PO Levon London with a hand-made quilt from Quilts for Cops. The good people who knit these quilts use their knitting time to pray for the the officer who will be receiving the fruit of their labor. After Levon was injured on the job last month, the prayers of these quilt-makers have done him much good! Thank you to CPD Chaplain Hysni Selenica for taking on the Quilts for Cops project!
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20 SEP 2020: PO Nathaniel Hollis is presented with a quilt knitted by "Quilts for Cops." This organization custom-knits quilts for officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty...and Nathaniel is exactly such an officer! Presenting him with the hand-made quilt are CPD Chaplain Hysni Selenica and Deputy Superintendent Barbara West. Congratulations, Officer Hollis. Keep up the great work!!! 

26 AUG 2020: At an outdoor "Pat O'Brien for Cook County State's Attorney" fundraiser event, I was NOT surprised to see so many friendly faces.

Here you'll see some of Pat's countless supporters....south side legend "Skinny" Sheehan and CPD members Anastasia DeLeo, Milan Sipic and Noland Rivera.

Since I'm neutral when it comes to politics, I can't wait to be invited to events like this from the other party. We'll post those pictures when that actually happens.

Regardless, may the best man win!

Congratulations to Joe Ahern, who recently retired as CEO/Director of the 100 Club of Chicago. As you know, the 100 Club helps support families of fallen police officers and members of the fire service.

During Joe's years of leadership, he grew the organization enormously--financially, in membership numbers, and in geographic coverage.

Joe, enjoy your well-deserved retirement! 
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15 AUG 2020: Chaplain Joe Jackson joins Officers Ildi Chavez and Nick Chapello in keeping protesters (often AKA rioters/looters/arsonists/murderers/anarchists/domestic terrorists) from accomplishing their evil plots and further destroying our beautiful city. Thank you, gentlemen, for keeping their violence at bay! 

O2 July 2020-1:45 AM. We honor our brother Rick Francis who was killed in the line of duty on this same early morning at the corner of Belmont and Western. May he and all our heroes Rest In Peace! 
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PO Bryan Casey keeping looting, arson, senseless damage to property, beatings and general crime/mayhem at bay during May, 2020...a shameful page in the history of Chicago. Shame on the organizations sponsoring such lawlessness and anarchy!

03 JUN 2020: After roll call at Sox Park during the anarchy in Chicago, PO Anthony LoBurgio took a moment for a pic with Chaplain Bob Montelongo and me. Keep up the great work, Anthony!!! I'm hoping these CPS teachers will get side jobs soon! 

03 JUN 2020: In the 016th district station, we have photographic evidence of Lt. John Garrido looting the wallet from Chaplain Joe Jackson's right back pocket. CC: IAD and State's Atty's office. 
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01 JUN 2020: Officer Jason Fong poses for a picture with Chaplain Bob Montelongo and Fr. Dan Brandt at roll call outside Comiskey Park. Yes, COMISKEY PARK! 

13 MAY 2020: Chaplain Joe Jackson joins doctors from Rush University Medical Center to address roll calls citywide.

09 APR 2020: Laying Officer Marco DiFranco (EOW 02 APR 2020) to rest at All Saints Catholic Cemetery in Des Plaines. May this hero rest in peace.
26 MAR 2020: Visiting the troops in 011, Fr. Dan Brandt stopped for pictures with Alejandro Miranda and Yesenia Rodriguez, who were holding down the fort at the desk during some very trying times. Keep up the great work on the west side!
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25 FEB 2020: Student athletes at St. Francis Borgia Catholic School on the northwest side are sending care packages to ten of our officers who are forward-deployed (overseas) military reservists.

Thank you not only to these young men and women, but also to their parents, their coaches, their teacher (Mrs. Caty Hansen...maiden name Curry, as in the CPD Curry Family), and school principal, Mrs. Susan Betzolt (pictured here with the kids). 
24 FEB 2020: Chaplain Kimberly Lewis-Davis, herself married to a Chicago Police Officer, hosted a marriage workshop at CPD headquarters aimed at strengthening police marriages. Dozens of police couples attended, listening to speakers and sharing with a panel of four police couples (two active and two retired) representing a collective 75 years of marriage and over 100 years of CPD service! It was a MOST enriching day.
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22 JAN 2020: Making the usual Wednesday rounds, Directing Chaplain Fr. Dan Brandt bumps into PO Tim Andersen keeping crime at bay in the 004th district. Keep up the great work, Tim!
13 JAN 2020: Directing Chaplain Fr. Dan Brandt had the honor of serving as a judge at the Emerald Society's annual "Chili Cook-Off," alongside Appellate Court Judge John Griffin, Fox News reporter Dane Placko, and 100 Club of Illinois CEO Joe Ahern. Congratulations to the big winner, retired Arlington Heights PD member Larry Nowak and his wife Debbie, for their outstanding chili entry.

Pictured here are Judge Griffin, Joe's daughters and him, Bob Byrnes, and Fr. Brandt.

Also pictured are the four judges hard at work in the arduous task of tasting and judging the six entrants' chili. We have some real culinary talent in our police department!

God bless the members of the Emerald Society and the wonderful work they do! Every time they show up for events, they make CPD and the Irish community of Chicago very proud. 
08 JAN 2020 the St. Jude League of the Chicago Police Department Chaplains Annual Holiday Dinner. Good food fun and fellowship!

Aired on 08 JAN 2020, directing chaplain Fr. Dan Brandt appears in his sixth episode of the NBC television show, "Chicago PD." The director invites him on whenever a scene is featured where the police chaplain is needed. No calls from Hollywood, though....YET.
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